VP 350 L6-P - PUR Glue PVC Wrapping Machine

VP 350 L6-P
General Features
  • The working surfaces have been CNC fabricated, 6 m (20’) steel body and designed with mechanical features enabling transport via crane and forklift.
  • Surface grinded special spline shaft made from imported special steel.
  • Special hardened helical gear group and gearbox.
  • Motion roller surfaces covered with rubber.
  • Aluminum motion roller (located under the heater)
  • Air blow system ensuring variable profile cleaning possibility.
  • Ø250 (10”) x 500mm (20”) Primer receptacle made from stainless sheet metal
  • Foil heating unit
  • Automatically monitored foil edge control unit
  • Bracket (for glue applicator)
  • 3400 W self-driven hot air gun
  • 22×430 mm long chromium plated vertical shafts
  • 22×250 mm long chromium plated roller shafts
  • Right and left joints
  • Single hole joint with special intermediate sizes
  • Rubber covered roller set in 3 different sizes and 3 different hardness values.
  • Rubber covered roller set in special different size with radius
  • Electrical and mechanical design in accordance with 89-336 EEC, CE and UL Standards.
Technical Table
Foil Type PVC, PP, Finish Foil, Natural Wood (Roll), High Gloss
Profile Type to Wrap Natural Wood, MDF, Sheet, PVC and Aluminum
Min- Max Foil Width 20 mm-350 mm
Profile Width and Height 15–350 mm, 85 mm
Wrapping Speed 10–40 m/min.
Glue Applied Hotmelt Polyurethane glue (PUR)
Total Power 20 kW
Voltage, Frequency and Air Pressure 380 V, 50 Hz, 6 Bar

(220V, 60Hz, 90 psi)

Dimensions and Weight 750 x 6030 x 2000 mm, 1300 kg

(30” x 237” x 79”, 2,860 lbs)

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